Franchise on Ice Cream Vending

Happy Ice aims to provide healthier choice of ice cream and different variety of ice creams to the market by using its own unique vending machine. It strives to tap into unserved market segments using vending machines.

What kind of Vending Machines?

Fun Vending Machine, is a vending machine that allows the customer to catch the ice cream using an electronic controllable claw.  Customer will be given unlimited chances to control the claw until the ice cream is dispensed out. It turns a boring vending process into a fun and engaging experience. The machine is unique in the market and patent is pending. It is probably the world’s first fun-vending machine.

Direct Vending Machine, offers a more straight forward transaction method. Customers are required to insert the exact amount of bills to purchase the flavour they like, press the button and the ice cream will dispense. It only requires little space to setup, but can hold quite a large amount of ice creams.

Our Strengths

  • Product differentiation: healthier choice ice cream certified by Singapore Health Promotion Board.
  • Unique sales channel – 24/7 operated vending machines.
  • More than just ice cream – Provide not just an ice cream but a fun user experience through
  • Innovative vending method.
  • Excellent cold chain logistic.
  • Remote stock monitoring capability.
  • Heavily invested on technology inside the vending machine. It taps on the next big wave of technology – Internet of Things (IOT)

How do I invest and earn money using this machine?

Yes, you are welcome to invest on our machine. Happy Ice do have a very unique franchise model. You probably have heard of franchising a F&B outlet, a fashion boutique, but not a vending machine. Today we are glad to announce to the public that our Ice cream machine is open up for franchising.

Highlights of Happy Ice franchise models:

  1. Low minimum investment – It starts from less than 20K. Most franchise business in the market today requires start up capital of no less than 100K.
  2. Zero overhead cost – no renovation cost or labour cost that is commonly found in traditional franchise business.
  3. Cash business, no receivables.
  4. High entrance barrier – own an ice cream vending machine is easy, but to run ice cream vending machine business is very hard due to its cold chain logistic requirement. Furthermore, our vending machines are innovated and patented by our own R&D team. This makes this business sustainable and not easy being copied.
  5. Impulse purchase – Ice cream easily attracts impulse purchase from customers, hence selling it via vending machines make business sense.
  6. Convenient + sold at premium price – As vending machine provide convenient thus able to sell it at premium price
  7. Huge jump on ROI – We offer you a very attractive profit margin, if you get a hot traffic place, your machine help you sell 1 more extra Ice Cream earn you a WHOPPING 9 % more net profit.
  8. Therefore, you can fully focus on finding best spots for your machines.

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