Nestle Ice Cream Direct Vending Machine

Nestle Ice Cream Vending Machine

Vending machine has been very popular in the market for years, but ice cream vending machine remains rare, mainly due to its high cost, high power consumption and require machine owner to perform ice cream refill into vending machine.

Cooperation between Nestle Ice Cream and Happy Ice, to establish an ecosystem to enable machine owner to be free-of-mind on ice cream refill, affordable and reliable ice cream vending machine to Malaysia market.

The Ecosystem consists of..

  1. Nestle
  2. Happy Ice (to provide customised machine and local support)
  3. Distributor (Nestle’s distributor will take care of ice cream refill into vending machine)
  4. Machine Owner (You, invest on machine. Get location placement and remote monitor on machine sales. Make payment on ice cream cost and location rental)

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